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Things I tell myself

Things I tell myself


Things I tell myself



Scope of Work

Art Direction | 3D


Personal Project

Embracing the Inner Critic - Personal Project

Confronting Imposter Syndrome in 3D Challenge: Imposter Syndrome – that nagging voice of self-doubt that plagues many creatives. I decided to confront this challenge head-on, not with words, but with visuals.

My personal experiment aimed to:

  • Externalize the internal: Translate the intangible feelings of Imposter Syndrome into a tangible, visual representation.
  • Challenge self-perception: By giving form to this internal critic, I could examine and potentially debunk its power.
  • Spark conversations: Share this visual exploration online to encourage honest discussion about Imposter Syndrome in the creative community.

My Process:

Cinema 4D became my tool of introspection. I:

  • Conceptualized metaphors: Crafted visual elements that symbolized different aspects of Imposter Syndrome, like self-doubt and comparison.
  • Built a dynamic landscape: Created an immersive 3D environment where these elements interacted, reflecting the ever-shifting nature of these feelings.
  • Injected personal touches: Embedded subtle details that resonated with my own experiences, making the project deeply personal.

Impact and Learnings:

Sharing the project online ignited a positive response:

  • Empathy and connection: Viewers resonated with the visuals, on instagram by reaching out to me and letting me know they sometimes feel the same way.
  • Open dialogue: The project sparked valuable conversations about mental health in the creative industry.
  • Personal growth: By externalizing and visualizing my doubts, I gained a deeper understanding and potentially lessened their hold on me.

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You look great today!
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