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Rebuilding a classic
Krusteaz is a beloved consumer food brand, but their website is sorely lacking. It is inaccessible, inefficient, and difficult to maintain. We have the opportunity to take this iconic brand and breathe life into it by creating a website that fixes these issues and gives the brand an updated look.



Krusteaz needed a new website in order to better serve their customers and streamline their operations. With a website that is outdated and not mobile-friendly, customers have difficulty finding the information they need and navigating the website. Additionally, the website lacks the modern look and feel that customers expect from a business. The design and layout of the website is not optimized for conversions, meaning customers have a hard time finding their way to the products they need. The website is also lacking in functionality, with little to no ability to customize and personalize the user experience. Furthermore, the website lacked modern design elements, which made it look outdated and unappealing. These elements are essential for creating a successful online presence, and Krusteaz needed to revamp their website to stay competitive. With Krusteaz rebranding our team was tasked to build a new site with better flow,usability, SEO, and a site that is built on a library that could easily be updated. Once the full branding was complete we updated the look, and thanks to a great library we were able quickly and easily update the site.

  • Design a highly navigable website with a modern, mobile-friendly look and feel that embodies the classic Krusteaz brand
  • Optimize the website for conversions, providing customers with easy access to the products they need
  • Integrate modern design components using a modern design library
  • Ability to customize and personalize the user experience

My Role: Digital Director
  • Collaborate with team to create a easy to use navigation for Krusteaz users
  • Create components for Krusteaz that allow for internal building of desktop and mobile environments
  • Create a usable library to integrate into new site
  • Create UI for new look and feel
  • Interactive and motion flow
  • UI Design

Lead Product Designer
Jason Reyna

Seniot Digital Designer
Jacob Cain

Warren Mcknight

Sarah Brehm


Visual Design
Digital Product Design
System Design
Motion/Interaction Design
UI Design

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