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Exporting internal thinking

Exporting my internal thoughts

Every designer goes through, “Imposter Syndrome.” This personal project was a way to tackle negative thinking. I knew that if I felt this way, many others may as well. To further tackle this issue, I decided to create a series of visuals to help designers realize that they are not alone in their thoughts and to remind them that their work is valuable. So I created a 3d Series with a few of these thoughts written out in a 3D environment to my Instagram "thesetapart1."

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Jason Reyna

Do Something

This one came from looking at screen daily to design and wondering what to create or even how to create what was needed. The thought for me was just "do something!"

Be Better

The feeling always of needing to "be better" is something that I think every designer thinks. We are always looking at others work and wanting to improve.

Be Stronger

As a designer even from school we are put down by our own teachers. Which is completely unhealthy and I hope this changes. I recall telling myself constantly to "be stronger" in life and critiques.

Make Mistakes

The only way to get better is to "make mistakes." Even though its hard to let go of mistakes and not relive them its awesome when you can look back and see how those mistakes have helped you improve as a designer.

Stop Procrastinating

Designers everywhere love designing on their own, but when it comes to client work so many times we wait until the last minute to dive and and we procrastinate till we can't. This was a message to me to stop that practice and do something. Looking back at these I see how true they are to me even to this day.

Below are the larger versions of these renders from C4D using Corona render-er.


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