I'm a Senior Principal Product Designer currently at Everfi.

Focus skills:


Interaction Design

Product Design


Digital Design

Hard skills:


After Effects

Principle App




Cinema 4D



Past Clients Include:


Sony Pictures

Coca Cola


Cartoon Network



English – Advanced

LA born - Mexican American

My passion lies in crafting user-friendly and visually stunning digital experiences for all platforms.

From L.A. Motion to Delightful Interactions: A Design Journey Originally from LA, I embarked on a creative adventure that began with motion design and blossomed into a passion for crafting engaging and accessible web experiences. Merging worlds of animation and interaction became my focus, leading me to where I am today: Sr. Principal at Everfi, transforming learning through delightful layouts, animation and interactions.

My journey has been fueled by collaboration with leading brands like Disney, Ford, Sony Pictures, Wrigley, Fox, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, Lyft, and more.
Whether it's crafting motion interactions, websites, games, UI, or product strategy, my goal remains the same: create impactful experiences that resonate with users.

Beyond the professional realm, I'm fueled by curiosity.
Exploring new design trends, attending conferences, and sharing my knowledge with the community keeps me invigorated. I'm always eager to connect and collaborate on new projects that push boundaries and leave a lasting impact. So, feel free to reach out – let's chat about design, innovation, or anything in between!

I'm always excited to collaborate on new projects and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you'd like to work together.

Awards & Recognitions:

2020 Webby Honoree / Websites • Lodge Cast Iron
Art Direction, UX, Wire framing, Web design, UI design

2017 Gold Addy / Best of Interactive

No Big Deal • NHTSA
Web design, user interface design, compositing

2015 National Gold Addy • MoonPie
User interface, web design, compositing

2012 Cannes Lions Silver

Human Preservation Project • 5 Gum
Design for web, games, video and user interface design

2011 THEA (Themed Entertainment) Award

Flynn Lives • Disney
Design for web, games, video and user interface design



Without users our job would be nothing. So why do we wait to consider their thoughts till the end. My Goal is to start with the thought, "As a user I..." What is it that a user need? What is it that a user wants? Of course these are starting questions, but the focus and goal should be to provide what a user needs? Then take it to the next level of empathizing with the a companies needs and timing on a project.


Having the users needs documented then moving to create ideas and concepts to meet those ideas. Simple ideation in figma


To develop an effective art direction, it's important to understand the brand's essence, its target audience, and the intended message. This can be achieved through research and analysis, which can uncover insights about the brand's history, values, and cultural context. Once this information is gathered, designers can create a visual strategy that defines the art direction, including elements such as color palettes, typography, imagery, and tone of voice.

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