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Scope of Work

Web Design | Product Design | Art Direction


Tombras Agency

Charting a new course for the Freightliner website with a bold, modern perspective.

Challenge: Freightliner's website, a vital tool for attracting potential customers and highlighting their industry-leading trucks, was falling behind the times. It lacked the modern, engaging experience expected from a brand leader.

My task as Digital Director at Tombras Agency was to lead a team of designers, UX specialists, and writers in creating a new website that:

  • Embodied Freightliner's brand identity: Captured the strength, innovation, and reliability associated with the brand.
  • Catered to diverse user needs: Provided seamless experiences for truck drivers, fleet managers, and general enthusiasts across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Featured cutting-edge interactivity: Incorporated engaging elements that informed and excited users, optimized for both mobile and desktop performance.
  • Transcended the website: Created digital imagery for Freightliner's corporate digital signage, further immersing visitors in the brand experience.

My Leadership:

I drove the overall vision and direction, ensuring the website delivered on client objectives and user expectations. This included:

  • Setting the design tone: Leading the design team in crafting a visually appealing and brand-aligned website that resonated with the target audience. I like being in the trenches with the team.
  • UX research (Casey Ash): Overseeing user studies conducted at Pilot Flying J truck stops, ensuring the website catered to real-world truck driver needs and behaviors.
  • Managing a diverse team: Collaborating effectively with designers, UX experts, and writers to bring their unique skills together for a cohesive result.
  • Ensuring technical excellence: Partnering with developers to implement interactive features and optimize the website for different devices and screen sizes.


The new Freightliner website exceeded expectations:

  • Outperformed previous metrics: While specific numbers are confidential, the website demonstrably improved key performance indicators.
  • Enhanced user experience: Streamlined navigation, engaging content, and interactive features drove user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Strengthened brand image: The website visually and functionally reflected Freightliner's leadership and innovation within the trucking industry.
  • Solidified client relationship: The success of the project led to Tombras being named Freightliner's agency of record.

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