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Demand Detroit
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Demand Detroit


Demand Detroit



Scope of Work

Product Lead | Digital Director | UI Design


Tombras Agency

Simplifying Demand Detroit

Demand Detroit's outdated website hindered user understanding of their superior engines and struggled to attract visitors. My task was to lead a team of UX designers, writers, and digital designers to completely revamp the website.

My Role:

As Digital Director, I spearheaded the website redesign initiative. I:

  • Defined the project vision and strategy: Analyzed user needs, client goals, and competitive landscape to establish a clear design direction focused on improved usability and brand communication.
  • Directed the visual design: Set the overall aesthetic tone and designed key pages, ensuring visual consistency and alignment with the target audience.
  • Guided content creation: Partnered with writers to develop website copy that met targeted KPIs, clearly explained Demand Detroit's engine advantages, and resonated with the target audience.
  • Oversaw team collaboration: Facilitated effective communication and collaboration between designers, writers, and developers, ensuring a cohesive and timely project delivery.

Key Contributions:

  • Established design framework: I created the visual direction and page layouts, setting a foundation for a user-friendly and engaging website.
  • Championed user-centered design: Emphasized the importance of user research and ensured user needs were prioritized throughout the redesign process.
  • Motivated and managed team: Led the team towards a shared vision and ensured smooth collaboration, resulting in a successful project outcome.


  • 50% increase in website traffic: The redesigned website attracted significantly more visitors, indicating increased brand awareness and interest.
  • Improved user engagement: Users spent more time on the website and explored more pages, signifying higher engagement with the content.
  • Stronger conversion rates: The website generated more leads and inquiries, translating into better business opportunities for Demand Detroit.

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