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Chase / Lyft


Chase / Lyft



Scope of Work

Project strategy and design


Tombras Agency

Bringing two worlds together Chase & Lyft

Challenge: Develop a multi-email campaign to promote a new collaboration between Chase and Lyft, offering increased rewards points to users who pay with their Chase credit card.

My Role:

As the Digital Director at Tombras Agency, I was like the conductor of this email orchestra. I led the team of writers, designers, and UX superheroes to:

  • Craft a winning strategy: We figured out who we were talking to (frequent riders, weekend warriors, etc.) and what message would resonate most. Data rocks!
  • Nail the creative vibe: Working with the design crew, we brainstormed email designs and landing pages that reflected both Chase and Lyft's styles. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Optimize for a smooth ride: We partnered with the Lyft marketing team to make sure the emails and landing page were user-friendly, just like their app.
  • Write emails that spoke different languages: Different user segments? No problem! We created multiple email versions tailored to each group's needs.

Key Contributions:

  • Personalized the party: Forget generic emails! We segmented the audience based on their Lyft habits, making the emails feel like they were written just for them.
  • Kept it brand spankin' new: Both Chase and Lyft got their shine on with designs that matched their brand identities. Consistency is key!
  • Made it easy like Sunday morning: Working with Lyft, we ensured users had a seamless experience from email to landing page. User experience FTW!
  • Led the crew to victory: I kept everyone on track, motivated, and collaborating like champs to meet deadlines and goals. High fives all around!


While I can't reveal the exact numbers due to client secrecy (top secret!), let's just say the campaign was a slam dunk. Here's why:

  • More people jumped on board: The campaign got tons of users engaged, checking out the landing page and signing up for the rewards program. Woohoo!
  • Spread the word: Everyone knew about the Chase-Lyft partnership, reaching a ton of potential customers. Mission accomplished!
  • Happy clients, happy me: Both Chase and Lyft were stoked with the creative direction, execution, and overall results. Success!

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