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Everfi: Product Flow
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Everfi: Product Flow


Everfi: Product Flow



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Product Design



My Role: Principal Product Designer Project Overview: Upon joining Everfi, I identified a lack of standardized workflow for creating educational courses. This resulted in inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and communication gaps across product teams.


  • Unstructured course creation process, leading to:
    • Difficulty in collaboration between product designers, visual designers, animators, PMs, and PJMs.
    • Inconsistent user experience across courses.
    • Wasted time spent deciphering individual course structures.


  1. Workflow Evaluation & Stakeholder Interviews:
    • Evaluated existing course creation methods.
    • Interviewed stakeholders (PJMs, PMs, designers, animators) to understand pain points.
  2. Standardized Structure & Design Library:
    • Developed a clear, uniform structure for course product lines.
    • Collaborated with the design library team to establish consistent design elements.
  3. Horizontal Flow & Iteration:
    • Implemented a horizontal design flow across all courses, improving efficiency.
    • Tested and iterated on the workflow based on stakeholder feedback.


  • Reduced Level of Effort by 30% for all product teams involved in course creation.
  • Improved collaboration and communication between design, development, and project management teams.
  • Established a consistent user experience across Everfi's educational courses.

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