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Lodge Cast Iron
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Lodge Cast Iron


Lodge Cast Iron



Scope of Work

Product Strategy | Art Direction | Product Design


Tombras Agency

Making the classic Lodge, new again!

Challenge: Imagine cast iron skillets older than your grandma, but a website stuck in the Stone Age. That was Lodge Cast Iron's dilemma. Their competitors were leaving them in the dust with sleek, modern e-commerce experiences. My mission? Lead a team of digital designers, writers, and a UX whiz to craft a brand new website that captured Lodge's vintage charm while meeting today's online shopping expectations.

The Recipe:

  • Branding with a Pinch of History: We honored Lodge's heritage with classic visuals and messaging, but kept it fresh with modern design elements. No sepia tones allowed!
  • UX for Seamless Cooking: Desktop and mobile users alike could navigate the site with ease, finding the perfect pan faster than Grandma's cornbread recipe.
  • Content that Sizzles: Compelling product descriptions and mouthwatering recipes made browsers into buyers, quicker than you can say "cast iron sear."

The Results:

The new website was a culinary triumph! In its first month, it:

  • Outperformed its predecessor by a whopping 200%: More visitors, more engagement, more sales - Lodge was singing our praises (almost literally).
  • Sent sales skyrocketing: Turns out, people still love their cast iron, and a user-friendly website helped them discover (or rediscover) the magic.
  • Made Lodge a digital champion: Lodge finally had a website that matched their legendary cookware - classic, functional, and built to last.

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