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Yeehaw Beer

Yeehaw Beer


Yeehaw Beer



Scope of Work

3D Render | Creative


Tombras Agency

Bringing Yee to Yeehaw

3D Rendering Elevates New Branding Client: Ruvini Wijesekera, Illustrator Challenge: Ruvini Wijesekera, a talented illustrator, needed compelling visuals to showcase the newly designed branding for YeeHaw Beer. The objective was to create social media-ready content that captured the brand's playful spirit while faithfully representing the physical bottle design.


Leveraging my expertise in 3D rendering, I utilized Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer to meticulously craft digital models of the YeeHaw Beer bottles. These models captured every detail of the physical design, ensuring brand consistency and accuracy. However, I didn't stop there.

Adding Dimension and Appeal:

I strategically employed lighting, angles, and subtle animation to imbue the renders with dynamism and personality. Imagine these bottles, not simply static images, but vibrant representations of the YeeHaw brand – captivating and ready to engage social media audiences.


The 3D renders exceeded Ruvini's expectations. Not only did they showcase the branding effectively, but they also injected a sense of fun and vibrancy that resonated with YeeHaw's unique identity. These visuals were instrumental in securing a pitch for the client and even entered a branding competition, demonstrating the impact of well-crafted 3D visualization.

My Contribution:

  • Technical Expertise: Utilized advanced 3D software to create high-quality, accurate renders.
  • Brand Understanding: Translated brand elements into engaging and impactful visuals.
  • Creative Collaboration: Partnered with the illustrator to achieve shared goals.
  • Client Satisfaction: Delivered visuals that exceeded expectations and contributed to project success.

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