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Scope of Work

Visual Design | Digital Product Design | System Design


Tombras Agency

Project Overview: ZorroSign is a leading provider of digital signatures secured by blockchain technology. However, their existing website and app lacked user-friendliness and failed to convey the company's innovative and secure solutions.

My Role: Digital Director (many hats)

  • Product Designer:
    • Developed a content/design strategy to improve user engagement and information clarity.
    • Designed intuitive navigation structures for both the website and and mobile experience.
    • Created wireframes to establish user flows and layout functionality.
  • Visual Identity Collaboration:
    • Partnered with our traditional design team at Tombras to develop a new visual identity for ZorroSign.
    • Ensured the visual design aligned with ZorroSign's brand values (innovation, trust, security).

As this was one of the last projects that I worked on at Tombras, there were changes that happened later but the original concepts and strategies were implemented by the Digital team evolving their older site to a site that has now established ZorroSign as Digital Security company standard.

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